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Frequently Asked Questions by Our Pastors

You probably have a lot of questions in getting your campus started or throughout the journey of creating a successful campus.  Below are some of the more frequently asked questions by pastors and the quick answers.  You are always welcome to contact us if you need to talk to us in person….give us a call. +1 614-259-5314

Who is VI for?

Everyone in your church!  Anyone who is hungry to grow in their knowledge of God and His Word…those who want to be spiritually transformed.  They don’t need to be a leader (or potential leader) to engage.  In the Vineyard movement, “everybody gets to play”, and this is certainly true of VI.  Whether you’re a person just wanting to understand the Bible better, a lay leader wanting to become more effective in ministry, a pastor wanting to become a better preacher or multiply leaders in your church, or if you are feeling called to plant a church, the Vineyard Institute program is designed to train, equip and empower you.

What sort of training do you offer?

Vineyard Institute has something for everybody!  We offer three certificate courses of study – Biblical Studies (15 units), Biblical Leadership (15 units) and Advanced Biblical Leadership (30 units). For students just wanting to grow in their understanding of the Bible and the Kingdom of God, the Biblical Studies certificate path would be the pathway to follow. 

Those who feel called to lead or are already leading will want to choose one of the two Biblical Leadership certificate paths.   Students wanting to plant a church would be most equipped choosing the Advanced Biblical Leadership path.  Both Biblical Leadership paths combine biblical and practical training in ministry in the context of your local church. 

How many students do I have to have to start a VI site at my church?

Only one!  But our hope is that churches will be able to build a learning community of students and leaders who meet regularly to pray, worship, and discuss what they are learning in the course material.

How do I get the word out about VI to my congregation?

We have our media kit that is full of great resources to get the word out.  Click here to order different rack cards, and download video or other files for printing. 

When can new students start the program?

VI is run on quarters and students can start VI at any quarter during the year by applying at least three weeks prior to the start of the quarter.   Once accepted into the program, students can select which courses they want to take each quarter out of those offered.

Who can I talk to get ideas on how to run a VI cohort at my church- tailored to our needs and preferences?

Rob Kasper, our general manager, would be glad to talk with you over the phone more about your specific needs at your church.  Please set up a time to connect with him by emailing him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How can I best be equipped to support my students as they go through the program?

Once you fill out our online site agreement, you will be sent a user name and login for the online learning website (  Then you and your designated site coordinator will have free access to the same course material that your students are accessing each quarter.  Understanding what they are learning each quarter will be a great way to get more involved and offer more support.

What is the praxis requirement for students?

Praxis is the “hands on ministry” requirement for the students who are choosing to pursue one of our leadership certificates.  Depending on which certificate they choose to pursue, they will need to earn a total of 135 or 270 hours in various ministry topics, under the guidance of your or another designated leader in the church.  It’s up to each student to initiate a plan with you and/or other staff in how those hours will be accumulated each quarter.

What does it mean to “host” a course?

All of our courses are completed online, yet many local churches will invite students to come together on a consistent basis to discuss what they are learning (discussion questions are found in the course study guides), or in fact even watch the lectures together.  There is an option each quarter for you to select which course(s) you will host, so that students can see on the registration page which course they should register for to be a part of the local cohort.

Can I recommend the church take one specific course, rather than doing the entire program?

Yes.  VI is totally flexible.  Students can enroll in single course of their choosing, or set out on a prescribed path to complete one of the certificate programs.