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Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership

Certificate Overview

This 30 unit Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership is recommended for students who are called to church leadership, including pastors, church planters and missionaries. Through this extensive coursework that includes Bible teaching, theology, spiritual formation, practical ministry and mentoring, you will develop the skills and gifting needed for your career in ministry.

Certificate Requirements

Below are the outlined requirements you need to graduate at this level.  Based on your calling, the recommended elective courses may vary but the basic requirements are the same across all callings.

Total Units Required to Graduate: 30

Required Tracks – 15 Units

The courses in these tracks provide a framework for theological understanding and the application of that understanding within a variety of ministry areas.

The Kingdom of God Track
Story of the Kingdom VIKTB-1000
Understanding the Kingdom VIKTB-1006
Demonstrating the Kingdom VIKTB-1200
Spiritual Formation VIMIN-1000
Capstone: Kingdom of God VICAP-1600
Applied Ministry Skills Track 1*
Hermeneutics VIKTB-1020
Homiletics VIMIN-1040
Ministry to the Poor VIMIN-1010
Apply It –Develop Your Sermon APP-T1-A
Apply It -Your Community Impact APP-T1-B
Applied Ministry Skills Track 2*
Assimilation VIMIN-1030
Discipleship and Evangelism VIMIN-1020
Pastoral Care and Small Groups VIMIN-1050
Apply It – Your Practical Skills APP-T2-A
Apply It – Develop Your Community APP-T2-B 

*These two tracks can be taken in any order.

Choice Track – 5 Units

Choose Any 5 courses Not Previously Completed

Complete 2 Additional Tracks of Your Choice – 10 Units

  • Old Testament Track
  • New Testament Track
  • Local Church Leadership Track
  • Theology Track
  • Biblical Justice Track
  • Mission and Evangelism Track

Click here for more details on these tracks and others.

Student Checklist

We have designed a checklist that will help you lay out your course plan for the next 2 to 3 years so you can track your progress and know what classes you need to take next.

For Students starting Q4 2018 September: ACBL Certificate Checklist (pdf)

For Students who started courses prior to Q4 2018 September: ACBL Certificate Checklist (pdf)