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VI is now offering an audit-only campus for continuing education for our Alumni and for any student who is looking to audit one of the many courses for personal development in your spiritual journey. If you are currently in ministry and/or already have your degree but are just looking for courses to refresh you and keep you growing… this campus is for you.

If you are a student who is looking to be equipped for your calling in ministry, you will want to be in the VI campus where you will obtain credit towards a certificate. Click here to learn more.

This campus offers every course in our catalog for you to take at anytime from anywhere! Below you will find a comparison of how this Alumni/audit campus differs from the Certificate/for credit campus in VI.


Alumni/Audit Certificate/For Credit
Credit for each Course None – Auditing a course means there will not be any credit for it. There are no requirements and no certificate of graduation. Yes - You will receive a final grade in each course and a GPA of all of your courses. A Certificate of Graduation will be rewarded after all requirements are met.

Assignments & Homework

No homework, no assignments but also no credit towards a certificate.

Yes, a typical course has multiple choice quizzes at the end of a learning block and many courses have a final assignment along with reading requirements.


None – there will be no quizzes or tests for a grade.

Yes! Every quiz and assignment will be graded and a final grade for the course will be posted on your transcript.  See the Course Experience page for grading scale.

Availability of Courses

24 x 7 x 365! You can start a course ANYTIME you’d like.  In the alumni campus – you are not on a quarterly schedule for start and end dates.

Courses for this campus are only available on a quarterly schedule.  See the Academic Calendar page for start dates for each quarter.

Total Time Commitment

The time it takes to complete a course is totally up to you.  Once enrolled in the course – it will be available immediately and for however long it takes you to complete it.

4-6 hours per week

Level of Difficulty

Continuing education courses

Equivalent to undergraduate level of study

Learning Block Format

The majority of classes are made up of 8 individual learning blocks. Each learning block has a video lecture to watch lasting about 45 to 60 minutes.

Same format on both campuses.

Reading Materials

There is usually one book per course with an average of 200 to 300 pages of reading that will enhance your learning in the course.  Books are always available in Kindle format and are usually available in print. 

Note: Kindle format can be viewed using Amazon's Free Kindle reader app on any device or computer.



The same reading materials offered as the audit campus – but when taking a course for credit – the reading is a requirement.


VI Alumni Campus is designed for flexibility and accessibility allowing students to continue their education for ministry alongside full and part time employment.   Courses are always available from any mobile device.

How to Join the Alumni/Audit Campus

1.  If you are an VLI/VI alumni, simply send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, email address and the student I.D. you had when attended and let us know that you would like to enroll and you will receive an invitation from VI with a link to log-in to MyVI.  From there, you will register for each class on MyVI that you would like to take.

2.  If you are a new student interested in auditing a course, you will need to fill out our student application and select “Audit Only (no assignments & no credit)” from the certificate drop down.  There is a $10 USD application deposit that will apply to your first course when you register for classes.

Click Here to Apply to Alumni/Audit Campus Now