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Certificate in Biblical Studies

Certificate Overview

This 15 unit Certificate in Biblical Studies is recommended for students who are seeking a sound, comprehensive understanding of the bible, including individual biblical books and biblical theological themes. You will receive a foundation in Old Testament and New Testament biblical studies. The curriculum reflects the theology of the Kingdom of God as the lens for studying the entire bible. Unlike the other certificates offered through VI, the Certificate of Biblical Studies focuses solely on understanding the Bible and does not include ministry courses or ministry service requirements. Because VI values spiritual formation as well as biblical learning, we include spiritual formation coursework for you with other requirements. This certificate can be accomplished completely online.

Certificate Requirements

For the 15 Unit Certificate in Biblical Studies, here are the outlined requirements you need to graduate at this level. Based on your calling, the recommended elective courses may vary but the basic requirements are the same across all callings.

Total Units Required to Graduate: 15

Required Tracks - 15 Units

The Kingdom of God Track - 5 Units
Story of the Kingdom VIKTB-1000
Understanding the Kingdom VIKTB-1006
Demonstrating the Kingdom VIKTB-1200
Spiritual Formation VIMIN-1000
Capstone: Kingdom of God VICAP-1600
Old Testament Track – 5 Units
Choose 4 Courses + OT Capstone
Old Testament Theology VIKTB-1190
The Pentateuch VIKTB-1150
Latter Prophets 1 VIKTB-1110
Latter Prophets 2 VIKTB-1115
Restoration Literature VIKTB-1135
Wisdom Literature*  
Capstone: Old Testament (Required)  
New Testament Track - 5 Units
Choose 4 Courses + NT Capstone
Matthew and Mark VIKTB-1025
Luke-Acts VIMIS-1035
1 Corinthians VIKTB-1055
The Book of Hebrews VIKTB-1050
Johannine Literature*  
Pauline Literature VIKTB-1031
General NT Letters VIKTB-1045
Capstone: New Testament (Required)  

*These courses will be available starting Q1 2019.

Student Checklist

We have designed a checklist that will help you lay out your course plan for the next 2 to 3 years so you can track your progress and know what classes you need to take next.

For Students starting Q4 2018 September: Certificate in Biblical Studies Certificate Checklist (pdf)

For Students who started courses prior to Q4 2018 September: Certificate in Biblical Studies Certificate Checklist (pdf)