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How Do I Know I am Called To Be A Church Planter?

You’re saying to everyone who will listen- “Sign me up!”  You have an internal calling to share Christ and believe the best expression of your gifting of evangelism is to plant a church.  You may or may not see yourself as the senior pastor, but you plan to contribute significantly to planting of a church.  You also may have heard comments by others that you are called to plant.  It might have been in reference to a prophetic word, or simply through an affirmation of your gifting. 

As a strategic member of the team, you will want to do your best to understand Scripture and to apply it to your church leadership.  You’re also looking to know more about how to lead a team and also be looking for wisdom from those that have gone before you in this pursuit.  VI partners with the Multiply Vineyard initiative to make sure you are well equipped to be sent out to start a new church plant. 

The Journey to become a Church Planter

Church planting is difficult and shouldn’t be done alone.  If you are called to be a church planter, we want to walk beside you in this journey to prepare and equip you for what is ahead.  We highly recommend that you take the time to be trained with an Advanced Certificate of Biblical Leadership which will guide you in developing your leadership skills while giving you the hands-on training so that you have opportunities to apply them right in your own church. 

Below we have highlighted both the required and recommended tracks for what might benefit you most as you learn and grow through this journey of becoming a church planter.

  • Required Tracks +

    Kingdom of God Track
    Story of the Kingdom Croasmun & Williams
    Understanding the Kingdom Morphew
    Demonstrating the Kingdom Various Instructors
    Spiritual Formation Summerell
    Kingdom of God: Capstone Howitt & Morphew
    Applied Ministry Skills Track 2*
    Discipleship and Evangelism Mendola & Van Dop
    Pastoral Care and Small Groups Hawes, Rees & Samuelsen
    Assimilation Chorlian
    Apply It – Your Practical Skills Local Leadership
    Apply It – Develop Your Community Local Leadership
    Applied Ministry Skills Track 1*
    Hermeneutics 1 Morphew
    Homiletics Nathan
    Ministry to the Poor Howitt & Morphew
    Apply It - Develop Your Sermon Local Leadership
    Apply It - Your Community Impact Local Leadership

    *These two tracks can be taken in any order.

  • Recommended Track - 5 Units +

    Local Church Leadership Track
    Philosophy of Ministry Venter
    Church Growth Nathan
    Church Development & Leadership (Q2 2019) TBA
    Heroic Leadership Strout
    Capstone: Local Church Leadership
  • Complete 2 Additional Tracks of Your Choice - 10 Units +

    Additional Tracks
    Old Testament Track
    New Testament Track
    Theology Track
    Biblical Justice Track
    Mission and Evangelism Track
    Choice Track (You may choose to do this one twice)
  • 1

Student Expectations

We want to make sure you have all the facts about your upcoming course experience so you know how to prepare and be able to set appropriate expectations of the next 2+ years (depending on part-time or full-time course load) with us and to be able to set aside the right amount of time for each course of study. Click here to see the highlights of your course experience.

The vast majority of our students become involved in a church community in service and support of practical ministry initiatives.  The Vineyard Institute’s applied ministry courses provide a structured way for both student and church to benefit as you are trained to be church planters right in your own church.  Serving your church in this manner is a great way for your spiritual and practical gifts to be recognized.

Requirements for Graduation

  • 30 Courses (2 or 3 years to complete)
  • 270 Praxis Hours
  • 2.0 or higher GPA

Certification upon Graduation

Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership (ACBL)