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Global South

Partner Programs

At Vineyard Institute, you will find a number of partner programs that compliment and/or extend what you are learning in your journey with VI. With the diversity of Vineyard churches around the country, a dynamic group of training programs have been developed based on the need of their churches… we partner with those programs so that you have access to the various types of training God is leading you towards. VI is also partnered with two accredited seminaries so that you are able to go on to even higher education for your career.


Multiply Vineyard

For Students: Church Planters

Partnership Fit: Involved at the same time as VI
The Church Planter Residency Certificate is the result of a partnership between Vineyard Institute, Multiply Vineyard and the local Vineyard church.  We have found that the best church planter/pastoral training and development takes place in the context of a healthy local church, with all the hands-on, real-life ministry opportunities that naturally exist.

Heroic Leadership Institute

For Students: Age 18 - 35

Partnership Fit: Complete this program before VI
Heroic Leadership Institute is a boot camp for young (aimed at 18-35ish) leaders in the body of Christ. It is a 9 month full-time training program hosted in local Vineyard Churches around the world. students who attend HLI receive up to (5) units of course work in Vineyard Institute.

School of Kingdom Ministry

For Students: Age 18+

Partnership Fit: Complete this program before VI
The School of Kingdom Ministry is a supernatural ministry school developed for the everyday person and the everyday church. Students are offered the opportunity to transfer up to 5 credits from this mult-year curriculum into Vineyard Institute certificate training.

Vineyard School of Justice

For Students: Age 18 - 35

Partnership Fit: Complete this program before VI
The Vineyard School of Justice is a unique seven month program run by Winnipeg Centre Vineyard in Winnipeg, Canada, and is held at their premises in Winnipeg's North End. Students spend six months in Winnipeg and a month in Nepal with the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches.

South African Theological Seminary

For Students: Age 18+

Partnership Fit: After completion of VI Certificate
The South African Tehological Seminary (SATS) is a fully accredited (see your local accrediting authorities for more detail in your region) and registered, distance education institution, with more than 2000 students engaging in online studies. Vineyard Institute students receive up to 30 units for their studies when they continue on with SATS towards a 120 credit undergraduate degree.