Ministry Internship

Are you challenged to find the right people to add to your team to carry out the kingdom work in your church? To find those who understand the DNA of the Vineyard, or who share the vision and mission of your church? It can be a daunting task to find new leaders who: 1) know what God is calling them to do, and 2) share your passion to develop future leaders from the younger generations. Internships are a proven way to develop leadership skills and experience, while determining if someone is the right fit for your church.

This is why VI would like to partner with you in developing new leaders to serve in all areas of ministry in the church. We have developed a structure for a new, dynamic internship program that will make the process of identifying, recruiting, training, mentoring and deploying new leaders less challenging and more effective. Introducing VI’s Ministry Internship Program*.


One Year Ministry Internship Opportunity

This CBLMI program is designed to be completed in one year, over 4 (ten-week) consecutive quarters. The “Ministry Internship” component requires that interns spend 270 hours, over a 12-month period (67.5 hours per quarter), serving in your church. Coupled with this is the “VI course work” component, which involves completing 9 required courses, ideally over the same 12-month period. There is some flexibility with this academic course component though, because interns can take up to a maximum of 24 months to complete them and graduate with the Certificate of Biblical Leadership - Ministry Internship (CBLMI).

DEADLINE for the students’ application into the Ministry Internship Program is 4 weeks ahead of start of quarter. Please see the Academic Schedule for start dates of each quarter.


Expectations of the Pastors
The structure of the program has been designed with flexibility and the ability to completely customize the interns role to fit with the needs of your church. For example, from a pastor’s perspective, you will need to:
Promote the Program in Your Church either hand pick potential people or just advertise the opportunity widely at your church.
Customize the Job Description - establish what the intern(s) will do at your church.
Designate the Application Process - utilize your church’s application form and process, VI’s recommended version, or you can skip the application process if you already know the person(s) well.
Establish Expectations - clarify what you are offering the intern(s) and establish goals that can be realized through each quarter.
Spend Time With the Intern - schedule fairly regular times for follow-up and mentoring. This is an awesome way to discover if they are a fit.
Review Their Progress - build in a review process at the end of each quarter to understand their development and progress.
Review the Intern’s Journal - VI’s main requirement is for you to review and verify the intern’s experience /activity journal at the end of each quarter.
Give Financial Consideration - decide whether your church will cover a portion or all of the fees for this internship.


Expectations of the Interns
This program is designed to develop and encourage each disciple to explore and discover his or her calling. Below is a list of the expectations that the Pastor and VI will have for an intern in the program:
Be Enrolled as an active student with VI
Apply with the local church for the internship
Pass all VI courses with a 2.0 GPA or higher
Serve/work for 270 hours at or for the church over a 1 year period (67.5 hours per quarter)
Earn Credit for the ministry internship hours and course work in the Certificate
Meet with the Pastor at the agreed times

All budding and current leaders must understand the nature of biblical leadership, the character of a leader, and how the spiritual gift of leadership emerges and develops. We believe this program will help you to find and develop the kind of leaders you are looking for to serve in your church.

* An intern will be applying for a Certificate in Biblical Leadership (Ministry Internship).


Ministry Internship Summary pdfGuidelines for pastors pdf

For more information or to ask questions, please email Quinton Howitt at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.