VI is offering new financial promotions for all students.

Take the NEW Course

Receive 20% off when you enroll in the New Vineyard Essential Course: The Story of the Kingdom
(regularly $150, now offered for $120)


Take Multiple Courses

When you register for more than one course this quarter, you will receive a multi-course incentive*:

  • The first course is $150
  • The second course is $100 (33% off)
  • The third course is $75 (50% off)
  • The fourth course is $50 (67% off)

Application for new students

Multi-course incentive rules

Prices are subject to change. Any additional courses taken beyond 4 are full price. See the website for the most recent incentive offers. Payment is requested upon course registration by credit card. VI employs a tuition scaling model, pricing tuition differently in every country according to UN indexes for education. VI does not offer scholarships direct to individual students. Students are encouraged to check with their pastor regarding available church scholarships or tuition reimbursement opportunities. In some cases, small groups may help students with tuition payment.

New students are asked to submit an application along with a one-time $50 non-refundable application fee.

*Offer applies to all courses available - see website course catalog for quarterly schedules

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