Making disciples of all nations is our passion…

Our team is constantly working towards the best and most effective way to equip you as a disciple…so that you are prepared to go out and teach all the nations. Therefore, we have designed and developed a new system that is a more effective way for you to learn, simpler to navigate your journey and easier to track your progress of becoming equipped for your calling.  

Introducing VI 2.0

Building Blocks

With this new system, all of the courses have been incorporated into building blocks.  Each building block is called a “Track” and contains 5 units of courses.  Each track has been carefully designed with a set of courses that build upon each other.  These 5 unit tracks encompass courses that will help you learn Scripture, interpret and apply the Word, develop your sermons, cultivate your leadership skills, transform your own spiritual walk and so much more.  

As the fifth unit in most of the tracks, you will take a Capstone course, which is a new integrative essay that is to be written to show your comprehension and practical application of the 4 other courses in the track that you’ve completed.

Kingdom of God Track

Every student’s journey will begin with the building block called “The Kingdom of God Track.”  This is a required* place to start and helps you understand the foundation the Vineyard is built on and the distinctives of the movement.  It includes the big story of the Bible, how to understand what the kingdom is and then how to demonstrate it.  It continues with a course that will transform your own personal spiritual life and then concludes with you writing an all-encompassing essay.  

You can complete each building block in two quarters or two years…whatever works best for your schedule.  Every course for each track is available every quarter – so you can go at your own pace with no waiting for something to be available.

*PLEASE NOTE:  This new requirement is only mandatory for new students to VI as of September 1, 2018.  Any current student already enrolled in the program prior to August, 2018 has the option to choose either of the legacy requirement of the Core Courses or the new requirement of the Kingdom of God Track to complete their graduation requirements.

Choosing the Right Set of Building Blocks For Your Journey

If you are called to be a pastor, church planter, missionary or ministry leader, we highly recommend that you complete the 6 building blocks of Biblical Leadership.  For more information on your options, click here.

If you are a disciple looking for ways to draw closer to God so that you can be a brighter light to those around you in the world, or if you are unsure of what God’s calling is for you and want to discover more, we recommend the three building blocks of Biblical Studies….The Kingdom of God, The Old Testament and The New Testament tracks.  These will inspire you while equipping you. Click here to learn more.

Finish the Race Marked Out for You

We encourage you to complete the full program so that you are thoroughly equipped for every good work in the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, we have designed a new incentive to go with this new system…the 4 + 1 Program.  After every 4 courses you complete, your tuition fees will be waived for the 5th course.  You can complete the 6 building blocks for an Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership for well below the cost of a 2 year degree at Seminary.

Many Choices of Building Blocks

Here is the list of tracks to choose from – each one is equal to 5 units of credit:

  • The Kingdom of God Track – Required starting place
  • The Old Testament Studies Track 
  • The New Testament Studies Track 
  • Ministry Skills Track
  • Local Church Leadership Track 
  • Mission and Evangelism Track 
  • Biblical Justice Track 
  • Theology Track 
  • Choice Track 

You will find more information on the Certificate Pages as to which of the tracks are recommended for each type of certificate.  And you will also find our track recommendations for your specific calling.

Track Details

Please find below the library of Tracks available with the specific courses offered in each track.  Please read the important instructions at the bottom of this page for some additional notes for these tracks.  You can choose the building blocks that are right for you in order to create your journey to be equipped.  Depending on which Certificate you choose…there are some required Tracks to complete.  Please click here to see the requirements of each certificate.

Kingdom of God Track
Story of the Kingdom
Understanding the Kingdom
Demonstrating the Kingdom
Spiritual Formation
Kingdom of God: Capstone
Applied Ministry Skills Track 1
Hermeneutics 1
Ministry to the Poor
Apply It 1A - Develop Your Message**
Apply It 1B - Your Community Impact**
Applied Ministry Skills Track 2
Discipleship and Evangelism
Pastoral Care and Small Groups
Apply It 2A – The Journey of Discipleship**
Apply It 2B – Discipleship in Community**

NOTE: The Applied Ministry tracks can be taken in any order.

Old Testament Studies
Choose 4 of the following courses:
  • Hermeneutics* (required)
  • The Pentateuch
  • Latter Prophets 1
  • Latter Prophets 2
  • Restoration Literature
  • Wisdom Literature

 Capstone: Old Testament (Required)

New Testament Studies
Choose 4 of the following courses:
  • Hermeneutics* (required)
  • Luke-Acts*
  • Matthew and Mark
  • 1 Corinthians
  • The Book of Hebrews
  • Johannine Literature and Theology (Q2, ’19)
  • Pauline Literature
  • General NT Letters

Capstone: New Testament (Required)

Local Church Leadership
Choose 4 of the following courses:
  • Assimilation*
  • Pastoral Care and Small Groups*
  • Homiletics*
  • Philosophy of Ministry
  • Church Development & Leadership (Q2, ’19)
  • Church Growth
  • Heroic Leadership

Capstone: Local Church Leadership (Required) (Q2, ’19)

Mission & Evangelism
Choose 4 of the following courses:
  • Discipleship and Evangelism*
  • Luke-Acts*
  • Healing 1
  • Healing 2
  • Church, Mission and Culture
  • Church Planting

 Capstone: Mission & Evangelism (required) (Q2, ’19)

Biblical Justice
Choose 4 of the following courses:
  • Ministry to the Poor*
  • Women in Leadership*
  • Peacemaking
  • Reconciliation
  • Kingdom Justice

Capstone: Biblical Justice (required) (Q2, ’19)

Choose 4 of the following courses:
  • Women in Leadership*
  • The Holy Spirit: God Inside Out
  • Church History
  • Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism
  • Vineyard Theology

Capstone: Theology (required) (Q2, ’19)

Choice Track
Choose any 5 courses not previously completed from any track


The courses marked with an asterisk (*) denote that they are options as part of multiple tracks.  However, these courses will only count once for one track.  If you have already taken a course with an asterisk, please choose another course from the list available.  For Example:  If you are working your way through the Local Church Leadership Track and have already completed the Ministry Skills 2 Track with Assimilation and Pastoral Care, you cannot choose to take those two courses again, nor will they apply towards the Local Church Leadership Track.  You must choose 4 other courses from the list available.

All Capstone Courses offered in the various tracks are required for you to take as the last one of the 5 courses to complete the track.  The other 4 courses of the track must be completed before you can register for the Capstone.

In the Ministry Skills Tracks courses marked with a double asterisk (**) above have prerequisite courses.  The first three courses in those tracks must be completed prior to taking the “Apply It” courses.

Hermeneutics is a required course for the Ministry Skills 1 Track, and the Old and New Testament Study Tracks…but you will only take it once and will be counted for only one track.  If you take all of these tracks – then you may choose another course for the second and third tracks that you complete.

(Q2, ’19) Denotes when this course will become available in the catalog for you to study. You may register for this course at the end of Q1.

The 2 Ministry Skills Tracks replace the legacy Praxis program.  If you are a current VI student who has completed any amount of Praxis…students should refer to Praxis-Applied Ministry Transition document under forms/docs in the online school.