New improvements to the program

More choices now!  Every Course available Every Quarter

VI courses will now be available every quarter of the year which provides more flexibility in the student journey… a student will no longer have to wait for a course to be offered and can finish their chosen certificate on the timeframe they choose.  Click here to go to the catalog and see for yourself all the courses available.

New Format for All Courses

Uniformity for all Courses! We have redesigned and upgraded all courses* and they are all in the same format:

  • Learning Blocks – Each course is broken down into an average of 8 learning blocks – one topic per block – each block has a video lecture or set of video lectures to watch
  • A quiz after each learning block – no longer have larger mid-term or final exams but a quiz at the end of each topic
  • Practical application exercise - Some courses include a final exercise at the end that will give you a chance to apply what you’ve learned and tell us about it

Convenience to Fit with Your Busy Schedule.

Within each quarter, a student can go at their own pace of each course – no longer are assignments dictated by which week of the course you are in.  You can finish in one week with all 8 learning blocks or can take up to 10 weeks. 

Easier to Manage Taking Multiple Courses at the Same Time. 

With the new Learning Block format – it is now easier to take 2 courses in the same quarter but only do the work one course at a time.  For example, taking course 1 for the first 5 weeks and then taking course 2 for the next 5 weeks… go at your own pace within the 10 weeks of the quarter.

Consistent Studying

Smaller exams with each learning block enables a student to study on a more consistent schedule instead of cramming for big mid-term and final exams.

Taking Courses is Now More Affordable

VI is offering a new incentive that is automatic!  After every 4 courses registered and paid for…your 5th course is automatically free.  We will track it for you and apply the incentive – you don’t have to do anything to participate!  It’s on us! Click here for more info

Practical Application to Life

VI is introducing a new kind of course that will help you apply what you are learning:  Capstone.  This is an integrative essay course that you will take after you have completed the 4 required courses listed below.  As you write about these Kingdom of God courses, you will understand what are the most essential and important points to know and be able to draw together the knowledge and skills you have obtained and identify how to apply it to your everyday life.  A student can begin to write their brief summary essays as they are taking each of the 4 courses and then create an integrative essay and write about how it applies personally to their life.  

The 4 Kingdom of God courses you will be writing about are:

    • The Story of the Kingdom
    • Understanding the Kingdom
    • Demonstrating the Kingdom
    • Spiritual Formation

The Capstone course requirement is only mandatory for new students who enroll in VI beginning Q4 Sep 2018.  Any current students already engaged in the program prior to Q4 Sep 2018 have the option to choose either the legacy certificate requirements or the new certificate requirements that include the the Kingdom of God and Capstone courses.