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Certificate in Biblical Leadership (VCUKI)

 Certificate Overview

This programme is open to everyone in the Vineyard in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and offers a range of courses from biblical theology to pastoral and ministry modules.  Students choose from four available modules every term as their time allows.  

Leadership Certificate Requirements

There are two options available: the VCUKI Certificate in Biblical Leadership is awarded on successful completion of 15 modules; the VCUKI Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership is awarded on successful completion of 30 modules.  Students who desire to receive a certificate of completion are asked to complete three core modules plus other optional modules below.  Our three core modules are:

  • The Story of the Kingdom (Biblical Metanarrative for students starting prior to Q4 2017)
  • Understanding the Kingdom (Theology of the Kingdom for students starting prior to Q4 2017)
  • Demonstrating the Kingdom (Church, Mission and Culture for students starting prior to Q4 2017)

Learning Online and in Community

People get the most out of their studies when they’re learning in community in their own church, so we are suggesting that senior leaders choose one module from the offering of four and encourage those interested in studying in their church/local area to work through the material together.  In situations where it is not practical to form physical learning communities (i.e. students are geographically scattered over a wide area), you will be encouraged to join an online group.

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Optional modules

You may choose from a range of optional modules and accumulate sufficient credits to fulfil the programme requirements. The following list is illustrative. Other titles may be added or substituted over time.

  • Matthew and Mark
  • Luke-Acts
  • Johannine Literature and Theology
  • Pauline Literature and Theology
  • General New Testament Letters
  • 1 Corinthians
  • The Latter Prophets
  • Deuteronomy
  • Old Testament Literature
  • New Testament Literature
  • Church History 1
  • Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism
  • Introduction to Theology and Systematics
  • Healing Ministry 1
  • Church Planting
  • Homiletics


Assessment varies from one module to another and may involve online testing, a collaborative project, forum interactions, essay writing or some combination of the above.

Note on credits

Credits are directly linked to course hours. One credit in this programme equates to 45 hours of study. The UK equivalent would be 4 credits per 45 hours of study: thus, a 15 credit qualification in VI is comparable to a 60 credit qualification in the UK education system.


Each module currently costs USD 112 (prices are reviewed at the start of each academic year). By purchasing multiple modules it is posible t reduce cost. Click here to read about tuition and fees.


For more information please contact Michael Munson – VCUKI Theology Education Co-ordinator

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