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VI is designed to be affordable for everyone, especially if you have limited resources.

  • Tuition for Vineyard members in United Kingdom and Ireland is $112 USD per 1 unit module.
  • Total cost to receive a Biblical Studies or Biblical Leadership Certificate (15 modules), spread out over 2 years or more, is only $1,680.

Tuition Incentives

VI is offering 2 new incentives for all students:

  • 20% off when you sign up for a new Vineyard Essential course.
  • Save 20-67% when you take multiple modules in a quarter.

Important rules apply.

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Book Fees

Book fees range depending on the type, format and number of books.

  • All books are available in an eBook format. You do not need an eReader, you can use the free Kindle reader on any device or a desktop computer.
  • Most books are available in print and are available online at Amazon or Vineyard Resources.

Additional Information

  • One time non-refundable USD $10 application fee is due when submitting your online application and will be applied towards your first course taken.
  • Course registration and payment are due the first day of each┬áterm.
  • Scholarships are currently unavailable from VI, however we welcome you to contact your local pastor for possible church support.
  • Vineyard Institute does not offer student loans.