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Theology for Everyone

The Theology for Everyone programme is flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of an individual or church.

Students may study at their own pace, taking one module at a time and without necessarily aiming for a qualification. However, there is also the opportunity to build qualifications by accumulating credits in specific course areas (see below for the current options available).

People get the most out of their studies when they’re learning in community and one of the best ways for this to happen is when students from the same church or area form a learning community and meet together to discuss the material.

Where it is not practical to form a physical learning community, you will have the opportunity to join an online group.

Course Options

You may take as few or as many modules at a time as you choose. Each module is worth one credit and involves up to 45 hours of study (3–4 hours per week for 12 weeks). The awards currently on offer are:

·      Certificate in Biblical Studies (15 credits)

·      Certificate in Biblical Leadership (15 credits)

·      Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership (30 credits)

Note on credits: the UK equivalent is 4 credits for 45 hours of study: thus, a 15-credit qualification in VI is comparable to a 60-credit qualification in the UK education system.

Academic Terms and Cloud Courses

Most modules follow a 12-week schedule that tracks the UK academic calendar, with its autumn, spring and summer terms. However, a small number are Cloud Courses, which allow you to work through them at your own pace, independent of a learning community or academic calendar. These modules are clearly identified as such on the registration page. 


Each module currently costs USD 112 (prices are reviewed at the start of each academic year). By purchasing multiple modules it is possible to reduce the overall cost. Click here to read about tuition and fees

More Information

For more information, read the FAQ or contact Michael Munson – VCUKI Theology Education Co-ordinator

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