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At Vineyard Institute, your experience in our program matters to us and we are always working to improve it so that you can focus on experiencing God and all that He has for you throughout your time with us.

What is Your Goal?

Is your desire to deepen your walk with the Lord, and just take a few courses and see where the Lord leads you?

  • If this is your desire – you can take courses for credit or you can audit them, which means you would not take the tests nor receive credit for the class.  This is easy to do and accessible online.  The cost would be the same regardless of whether you take for credit or audit.

Do you have a specific plan to graduate with a Certificate and be fully equipped for what God is calling you to do?

  • If this is you, then you will want to take all courses for credits earned to graduate with a Certificate.  You will take tests, write papers and earn grades for each class you take.  You must maintain a 2.0 to graduate.

What expectations should I have as I experience Vineyard Institute?

Vineyard Institute uses an online/distance hybrid system of learning. This method incorporates the flexibility of traditional distance and online educational models, with an additional emphasis on local learning communities in local churches. Students are able to interact with other students as well as mentors, creating a rich experience in which collaboration, mentoring and development naturally occur.

Online Lectures and Coursework

  • Flexibility to watch lectures anytime from any device
  • We have broken down the teachings into 8 learning blocks – easier to consume

Growing Spiritually

  • You will gain depth in the Word 
  • The Holy Spirit will move in your life throughout the courses


  • You can expect university level classes and coursework
  • You do have to study hard…it’s not an easy program


  • You must make a commitment to finish the race.