We have published our first study from Luke-Acts in partnership with Vineyard Resources. You can purchase the DVD at the link below from Vineyard Resources and then download all the small group materials here for free.


What does it mean to learn the Bible through the lens of Kingdom theology?

Find answers in this powerful 7-week study of the books of LUKE and ACTS. Journey though the Scriptures with seasoned Vineyard theologian, Derek Morphew, Ph.D. as you go deep into ideas that reveal the Kingdom coming in Luke, the empowering of the Spirit in Acts, and the response of wonder that always accompanies the saving work of God.

This Vineyard Bible Study series includes:

  • 7 Sessions for a 7-week study (intro + 6 lessons)
  • DVD with 8 – 12 minute video teaching segments - Order Here
  • 3 Complimentary guides that will lead you through this study; Leader, Reading & Weekly Study

Download the Complimentary Guides to follow along with the DVD:

  • Guides For The Small Group Leader (Zipped file)
    • The Leader Guide gives you cultural background of the text, the important points to make with your group and the questions to ask for each week. You will be equipped to see the bigger picture behind the whole study and find tips on leading each week’s session.
    • Weekly Study Guide contains a weekly handout for the members of your group to follow along with the study for all seven sessions. It is designed for you to print the page you need each week for your group.
    • Weekly Reader Guide was created for you to send out to your group in advance of the study. This guide provides each person with the Scripture passages in Luke and Acts that relate to each of the themes that you will be discussing in your small group meetings.
  • Guide for the Participants (PDF file)
    • Weekly Reader Guide provides the Scripture passages in Luke and Acts that relate to each of the themes that the group will be discussing each week.
  • Formatted Bible Text (Zipped file)
    • There are two versions of the same file, Microsoft Word & Adobe PDF. This text contains the full biblical text of each book and have headings carefully placed by Derek Morphew to enable readers to see the layout of the text as intended by Luke, the author.

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