How Do I Become a Ministry Leader?

Have you heard God’s calling on you to love, serve and lead His people in ministry?  The specific approach may be an unanswered question.  Or you might already be leading others in a specific area of ministry like children and youth, or perhaps reaching out to the poor or running a marriage and family ministry. 

You are a leader and desire to serve others as they serve the Lord, but you may feel the need for more.  You might desire a theological foundation for your experiences of God.  You might feel the need to gain more knowledge in all areas of ministry such that you see it in context with your own. While you and others may not see your gifting as senior pastor, there is an internal and external call to significantly grow the Kingdom.  With all the diverse ways to serve the Lord, it’s your hope that you would know a little more about all the areas, while at the same time dive into the area of ministry God has placed on your heart.

The Journey to become a Ministry Leader

In order to prepare and equip you for leading the ministry that God is calling you to, we highly recommend the courses listed below which will focus in on teaching and equipping you with the practical skills of leadership while giving you the insight and knowledge of Scripture.

  • Recommended Courses +

    Vineyard Essentials
    Story of the Kingdom Croasmun & Williams
    Understanding the Kingdom Morphew
    Demonstrating the Kingdom Various Instructors
    Recommended for Ministry Leaders
    Spiritual Formation Summerell
    Hermeneutics 1 Morphew
    Philosophy of Ministry Venter
    Church Growth Nathan
    Heroic Leadership Strout
    Ministry Skills Courses
    Assimilation Chorlian
    Discipleship and Evangelism Mendola & Van Dop
    Homiletics Nathan
    Ministry to the Poor Howitt & Morphew
    Pastoral Care and Small Groups Hawes, Rees & Samuelsen
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Student Expectations

We want to make sure you have all the facts about your upcoming course experience so you know how to prepare and be able to set appropriate expectations and are able to set aside the right amount of time for each course of study. Click here to see the highlights of your course experience.