How Do I Know I Am Called To Be A Pastor?

Do you find that when you’re around people - you want them to know and love Jesus?  Are you concerned about their well-being and find that it is important to you?  When they ask you questions about Jesus-- it's hard to stop sharing how much He has done for you.  But there is something bigger and greater stirring in your heart to lead groups of people to know and love Jesus more.

Most want to preach and teach in a way that hearts will be changed.  You want to love everyone and convince them to love one another.  You might also have received the Spirit's leading to work on the struggles that hold you back from the life you know Jesus has for you.  One outcome of this type of training is that He will be with you as you work on foundational issues that will help you minister to others.  You are praying for "More Lord!"  You want more of an experience of God.  You want to know more about Him as seen in the Scriptures.  You want to articulate to others how He loves them.  You expect by taking courses in theology and ministry leadership, you’ll be sharpened and humbled for the work of ministry. 

The Journey to become a Pastor

Below we have highlighted for you the required and recommended elective courses that you will want to take throughout your time in VI.

  • Required Core Courses +

    Required Kingdom of God Courses
    Story of the Kingdom Croasmun & Williams
    Understanding the Kingdom Morphew
    Demonstrating the Kingdom Various Instructors
    Spiritual Formation Summerell
    Kingdom of God: Capstone Howitt & Morphew
  • Required Ministry Courses +

    Required Ministry Courses
    Assimilation :Transforming 1st Time Guests into Engaged MembersChorlian
    Discipleship and EvangelismVan Dop & Mendola
    Hermeneutics 1Morphew
    Homiletics: The Art of PreachingNathan
    Ministry to the PoorHowitt & Morphew
    Pastoral Care and Small GroupsRees, Rønne-Samuelsen & Hawes
  • Recommended Electives +

    Recommended Electives
    1 Corinthians Howitt
    Ancient and Contemporary Gnosticism Morphew
    Church Development and Leadership: Money, Power and Ethics Nicholson
    Church Growth Nathan & Parker
    Healing 1 Venter
    Healing 2 Venter
    Leaders Self Understanding Williams & Heselton
    Luke-Acts Morphew
    Old Testament Theology Kim
    Peacemaking Love
    Philosophy of Ministry Venter
    Reconciliation Montgomery & Venter
    The Book of Hebrews Morphew
    The Holy Spirit: God Inside Out Ponsonby
    Women in Ministry Stovel & Morphew
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Student Expectations

We want to make sure you have all the facts about your upcoming course experience so you know how to prepare and be able to set appropriate expectations of the next 2 or 3 years with us and to be able to set aside the right amount of time for each course of study. Click here to see the highlights of your course experience.

The vast majority of our students become involved in a church community in service and support of practical ministry initiatives.  The Vineyard Institute praxis courses provide a structured way for both student and church to benefit as students are trained to be pastors right in your own church.  Serving your church in this manner is a great way for your spiritual and practical gifts to be recognized.

Requirements for Graduation

  • 30 Courses (2 or 3 years to complete)
  • 270 Praxis Hours
  • 2.0 or higher GPA
  • Certification upon Graduation

Advanced Certificate in Biblical Leadership (ACBL)