At Vineyard Institute, your experience in our program matters to us and we are always working to improve it so that you can focus on experiencing God and all that He has for you throughout your time with us.

What expectations should I have as I experience Vineyard Institute?

Vineyard Institute uses an online/distance hybrid system of learning. This method incorporates the flexibility of traditional distance and online learning models, with an additional emphasis on local learning communities in local churches. Students are able to interact with other students as well as mentors, creating a rich experience in which collaboration, mentoring and development naturally occur.

Online Lectures and Coursework

  • Flexibility to watch lectures anytime from any device
  • We have broken down the teachings into 8 learning blocks – easier to consume
  • All reading materials that

Student/Leader Interaction (Only available where churches organize training programs using our courses)

  • Learning in class discussions
  • Getting to know your pastor (or leader)
  • Discussing the hard questions of theology in a safe environment
  • Building community

Growing Spiritually

  • You will gain depth in the Word 
  • The Holy Spirit will move in your life throughout the courses

Academic Level

  • You can expect university level classes and coursework
  • You do have to study hard…it’s not an easy program

Commitment To Be Equipped!!


We want to make sure you have all the facts about your upcoming course experience so you know how to prepare and be able to set aside the right amount of time for each course of study. Every course is offered 24x7x365 - anytime from any device.

Description Commitment
Total Time Commitment 4-6 hours per week
Academic Grading Scale

A: 94 - 99 
A-: 90 - 93 
B+: 87 - 89 
B: 83 - 86 
B-: 80-82 
C+: 77 - 79 
C: 73 - 76 
C-: 70 - 72 
D+: 60 - 69 
D: 50 - 59 
F: 49 & below
Missed Exam: Zero (0)

Level of Difficulty Undergraduate level of study
Learning Block Format The majority of classes are made up of 8 individual learning blocks. Each learning block has a video lecture to watch followed by a short quiz covering both the lecture and the text. No big mid-term or final exams. Your grades will be posted immediately for the quizzes.
Assignments & Homework Yes.  The majority of the classes will include a 400 to 600 word paper.  Some courses have additional assignments or projects due by the end of the quarter.
Reading Requirements There is usually one book per course with an average of 200 to 300 pages of reading required.  Books are always available in Kindle format and are usually available in print. 

Note: Kindle format can be viewed using Amazon's Free Kindle reader app on any device or computer.
Lecture Schedule Yes.  On average there are 8 lectures that last 45 minutes each.  All lecture materials are available and open by the start of the second week of class.  Additionally if your pastor is hosting a course they may set a schedule for viewing the material together.
Local Study Groups Talk to your local Vineyard pastor for details of dates and times where these may be hosted.