Vineyard Essentials


Introducing Vineyard Essentials... a new offering of courses designed to teach and inspire you to live out your calling!

We all have a lot of questions in the journey of discipleship. We want to know more about who God is and how we can experience more of Him. These courses are designed to lead you to a deeper understanding of God, what His kingdom is all about and how He created you to be a part of His kingdom here on earth.

With these new courses, you will find:

  • Biblical foundation - Easy to understand “essentials” of the Christian faith to help readers of the Word step into kingdom work
  • Simpler participation - Concise 15 minute segments ending with a quick quiz
  • More affordable - New financial incentives will be available this fall

Vineyard Institute exists as a global education provider to equip the people of God to pursue the call to go out into the world as workers of the harvest, whether that calling is a disciple in the workplace and community, a parent, a small group leader, ministry worker, missionary, church-planter or a pastor.

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The Story of the Kingdom

Did you know that the Bible is one big story made up of many stories that go together to create the whole story of God and His Kingdom? It is the best story you will ever read – full of mystery, action, drama, romance and impact. In the beginning of the big story, you will get to know the main character: God...His goodness, His love, His creation, and how the brokenness of the world came to be. You will not want to put the second half of the story down! You will discover that the world can be healed. God had a plan for healing and redemption all along. There is an abundant eternal life ahead. As followers of Jesus, we live between these two worlds: the broken world being healed and the transformed world we await.

In this course, you will learn about...

  • What the Bible is and what’s included in it and the different ways of telling the story.
  • How the world was beautifully created and our responsibility to the world in its created goodness.
  • The truth that the world is broken (the reign of Satan) and the human fault in it.
  • God’s redeeming work in and through Israel, Jesus Christ and the church.
  • Living in the Time Between the Times (Kingdom Tension)


Understanding The Kingdom

Have you ever asked the following questions...”What is the Kingdom of God?”... “Where can I find it?” Or even ask “Am I in it now?” Finding the answers to these questions will lead to a dynamic and fulfilled life.

In the way Jesus proclaimed, explained and demonstrated the kingdom of God, we learn about God’s purpose for his creation and for us, and how we can participate with him in bringing his kingdom.

In this course, you will gain a solid understanding of the kingdom in both Old Testament expectation and the New Testament fulfillment. We will examine the coming of the Kingdom through the life, ministry and message of Jesus, his death, resurrection and ascension, and the story of the early church in Acts. Then it will go on to explore an understanding of the kingdom in the Christian life, particularly through the books written by the apostle Paul. You will also learn in the final section about the various implications of kingdom theology, in terms of the church, mission, healing, and spiritual gifts.

When you finish this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the mission and message of Jesus.
  • Model Jesus’ ministry to the world today.
  • Frame the “origin of Jesus’ message and ministry” within Jewish expectations, during Second Temple Judaism.
  • Elaborate on the three growing windows of Old Testament kingdom expectation.
  • Discuss the “coming of the kingdom in the mission and ministry of Jesus” as enacted, inaugurated eschatology.
  • Justify that the Christian disciple is both called and authorized to initiate the kingdom as Jesus did.

Demonstrating The Kingdom

Do you have a growing desire to experience God in even more tangible ways? Was it God’s intent that everyone get to play in His kingdom? The answer is most definitely yes. And it starts with knowing your true identity in Christ and the importance of building up your confidence as a believer. Knowing who you were made to be ensures that you do not operate out of a motive of performance, for approval, or broken identity needs, but out of a secure identity as a child of God.

In the Vineyard, everyone gets to play and in this compelling course you will learn how to demonstrate the kingdom through the power of the Holy Spirit. It will include teaching and practical application that will show you how to minister an empowering experience of the Spirit to believers to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

Through training and demonstration, you will learn about...

  • How the coming of the kingdom in Jesus is the starting point and mandate for all Christian discipleship and ministry. Jesus announced and demonstrated the kingdom with authority and then gave his disciples authority and power to do as he did.
  • The ability to announce and demonstrate the kingdom as Jesus did... we need to be in the kingdom and the kingdom needs to be in us. It must have made its way, deeply, into our lives, so that the powers of the coming age are resident in us.
  • The inner work of the Holy Spirit, to form the nature of Christ within us, is not the only work of the Holy Spirit. There is such a thing as being empowered for service. As we enter into the dimension of the power of the Holy Spirit for service we receive a diversity of gifts, including faith, prophecy and healing.
  • Those gifts that enable the mission and growth of the church. A major part of Jesus’ demonstration of the kingdom was healing and deliverance.

Worship and word should lead us into the presence of God, where we wait on him and invite him to visit us, again and again, through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Throughout the ten weeks, you will learn how to wait on the Holy Spirit and be open to any of His movements.